About Mitchell & Michelle Business School

We educate and raise marketplace leaders in the art and science of building and running successful businesses.

Our Mission

At Mitchell & Michelle Business School, our mission is simply to educate and raise marketplace leaders in the art and science of building and running successful business. Each of our school’s missions- to educate and raise marketplace leaders in the art and science of building and running successful businesses –is laden with meaning.

“Marketplace Leaders”

Successful businesses are driven by high level leadership intelligence principles and not by ignorance or accidental practices. It is usually said that what one does not know doesn’t hurt them but in business such position can be misleading and costly. This probably accounts for the increasing profile of failing businesses in our cities. Educating and raising Marketplace Leaders who are versed in the art and science of foolproof business is critical in times as this, armed with deliberate, time-tested and market-driven knowledge of universally acceptable trade secrets that are enduring, reliable and practicable. Our faculties will tutor, mentor and mold individuals into marketplace leaders through our pragmatic courses on the nitty-gritty of successful businesses

“Art and Science”

Building and running businesses may have an element of luck in it but there is also an art and a science to it. The gurus and tycoons in the business world agree that business is a systematic method of exchanging values, which must be supported by careful strategy and execution. Our approaching to delivering our promise to you is undergirded by a pragmatic posture, one that guarantees a mishmash of tested workable trade secrets, broad-level thinking as well as the teaching of principles and skills that you can apply to either aid an ailing business or create a foolproof business from the scratch.

“Successful Businesses”

It is not everybody who starts a business that really wants to build an enduring business. The one who wants to make money is not really concerned about building a business structure, an enduring institution and not even a strong brand. Building a successful business requires putting in place policies, practices, procedures and processes that can guarantee growth and sustainability, it must be comprehensive! You can learn to build or rebuild a successful system following our predictable stages called the Growth Cycle. Our pact with world renowned business coaching and consulting experts, 7-stage advisors can uncover the hidden value and untapped potential in your business by implementing the 7 stage mastery.

Our Methods

The core components of our mission are educating and raising marketplace leaders. This means that through our array of educational programs, functional ideas from the faculties, specialist ideas from a carefully selected crop of industry experts who will be teaching based on industry experience and with the influence from our partners around the world, every participants is sure to Learn, Leverage and Leap in bounds in whatever industry he or she is a player.

With a dynamic curriculum built around you fastened with Case-based methods, interactive teaching methods designed to awaken your creative consciousness and a participatory learning that will enhance your independence, you will be totally equipped for industry significance and dominance.

Class size

The maximum class in Mitchell & Michelle Business School is 29 participants per program. The idea is to foster a program where the participants can be closely knitted, recognize and interact easily with one another as well as learn without being deterred by size. With this idea, every instructor-mentor can be easily accessed, and the participants also assessed by the instructor-mentor since it is a sizeable class. This we believe guarantees easy learning, fluid transfer of knowledge, and an atmosphere where skills acquisition and the application of facts and principles can be guided under the close supervision of our teaching team.

Our Values

MMBS, as a business and enterprise development school, holds dear to its heart the promise of trust and excellence service delivery with the ever increasing number of corporate clients and individuals who will be catered for by this school. This promise hovers around the values we cherish and hold in high esteem. The values of integrity, professionalism, competence, spirit of service, creativity, originally, innovation and the celebration of diversity.


The business world today is constantly evolving and in most cases no longer what it used to be again. This dynamism sometimes makes it a bit complex for those without the appropriate insight, vision and know-how to be drowned in these complexities. This evolution puts a great demand on existing business people and would be entrepreneurs as they tread the labyrinth networks or pathways of the business environment.

At Mitchell & Michelle Business School, through a series of intensive hands-on training, monitored mentoring scheme and an array of entrepreneurial empowerment programs for both aspiring, budding entrepreneurs and established businesspeople will be exposed to new opportunities, skill-set and a vast network of contacts that will translate into profits and lots more. During sessions in our programs, some conventional patterns of thinking will be altered, innovative disruptions will replace vertical business order while you will be pushed to the edge and ushered into a whole new way of thinking. We hold it that if you are not living on the margin you are wasting life’s resources. You can be assured that after you stint at the school, you will begin a whole new page in your life and business.


  • Those who have viable business concepts and are hoping to set up business within the next few months.
  • Those who have dormant cash and are willing to invest in a business
  • Investors with capital, seeking for real and profitable business to invest in.
  • Those about to start their business but are without the appropriate business acumen.
  • Individuals who may have obtained tertiary certification and hope to delve into the business world. Fresh graduates and serving corps members are part of this category
  • Provisions will also be made for individuals who fall short of the above requirements, but have the determination to succeed as entrepreneurs.


  • Business and Life skills acquisition training.
  • Idea nurturing and Concept development.
  • Between six months and one year mentoring relationship.
  • Broad–scale networking opportunities.
  • Exposure to international markets and franchise opportunities.
  • 1 year post graduation business support.


The system of selection at Mitchell & Michelle Business School is designed to be very competitive and will be opened to those who can sufficiently prove or justify their selection or defend their application in order to be a part of the school.

  • A short letter of introduction to join the Mitchell & Michelle Business School. This should include your background, interests and why you want to attend the school as well as what other participants can learn from you during the program.
  • An interview may be organized as part of the selection process.
  • In the case of those being sponsored by an institution, a letter from your sponsor(s) may suffice

All candidates must ensure they have obtained, completed and submitted application forms (can be downloaded or picked up from the school).Candidates must provide a written business concept (not more than 3 pages); elements of the business concept should answer the following questions:
  • What services or products will your business provide and what need does it fill?
  • Who are your customers and why will they choose to buy from you (Unique Value Proposition)?
  • How will you reach and appeal to your customers?
  • Where will you get the financial resources to start (if yet to start) and sustain your business?

Admissions are now open

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