1. What are MMBS Tuition and Fees?

The fee covers tuition, academic materials used in the classroom, access to the library, and all programmes organized for students within the duration of the program and certificate.

2. When can i enroll and begin studies at MMBS?

Students may enroll and begin any month of the year at MMBS for a particular course, and similarly they graduate on the day in which they complete their studies.

3. Do you have any financial Aid?

No. Fortunately our course fee is comparably affordable than the course fee at most other institutions,and students may make course tution fees in instalments. If you like to discuss alternative instalments to suit your circumstances just get in touch with us.

4. Can i do more than one Course?

Students can take more than one course , as our short courses are offers on a different date.

5. you can register online and gain access to our top-notch virtual and face to face learning environment.

6. Who should I contact if I have a question regarding my application status?

Any questions you have should be submitted to us via our online inquiry form, call or send us an email.

7. As an MMBS student, do I have full access to Mitchell & Michelle Business School infrastructure?

Yes. MMBS students benefit from all advantages, such as access to and use of the library and learning facilities in the school, as well as access to the Enterprise Hub.

8. Which advantages do I have as an MMBS Alumni?

As an MMBS graduate, you have access to a large network of professionals and a reasonable discount on variety of MMBS events and the Enterprise Hub space. Graduates of MMBS also become part of a preeminent global network of graduates pursuing a wide variety of careers.

9. What is the language of instruction?

Relevant course material, textbooks and instructions are in English.

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